On Location Filming!

Hey friends! So this week we did something totally new and exciting for my upcoming music video! We will be releasing my cover of “Titanium” by the end of this month and you guys… this one will be EPIC! We were filming out on location for a real movie-style video and I’m telling you, it will be visually and musically beautiful. I had a crew of dedicated and tireless people helping me make this magic happen and I truly can’t thank them enough (Matt, other Matt, Devon, Mom, Dad, Doug… looking at you…)!

We woke up at the crack of dawn to start filming at 5am out in the desert. I mean, it is Phoenix and temperatures here in the summer reach well over 100*! We wanted to beat the heat and catch the sunrise to capture what truly makes Arizona so spectacular on film. We schlepped all of our gear, equipment, hair and makeup changes, towels, water, sunscreen, snacks and selves onto a trailhead, off the beaten path, into the desert and beneath a mountain to capture the art that we can’t wait to share! I had cactus needles stuck to my skirt and sweat all over but it was SO WORTH IT! JUST WAIT!

After a few hours in the desert, we switched gears to film in a downtown alley for some other storyline features. Devon, an actor friend of mine, helped us film some crazy fight scenes…

My version of Titanium is meant to empower women who don’t feel worthy, strong or good enough… those who have been through bad or abusive relationships or have experienced abuse, bullying or any type of shaming. This video was inspired by the ME TOO Movement and I hope to inspire others through this story and this song, in knowing that no matter what, we are worthy, strong and good enough.

Stay tuned for this video release, coming this month!


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