Merrily Married

Hi Friends!

Getting back to the drawing board now after some time off for Thanksgiving and of course, my wedding!!

Yes, just a couple months ago I married my other half in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and we are now enjoying our first holiday season as newlyweds.

We’ve been so busy that I never got a chance to fully introduce my latest cover release of Titanium. If you haven’t yet seen it, please check it out here. This was my largest project to date. We really had fun recording this and going around the Valley to film. I will share some fun behind the scenes footage soon showing all the hard work involved in making a large scale video like this one. There were so many people that helped make this amazing finished product.

Music was all brilliantly arranged by William Joseph. Recording by Richard Talbot at Euphony Sound Studio. Film by Yin Yet Productions. Special acting appearance by Devon Sparrazza. And of course all our “stage hands” and support crew who supplied endless amounts of water, food, shade, first aid and everything in between… Mom, Dad, hubby… you are my rocks.

Hope you all enjoy and are having a beautiful start to the holiday season! Please like, SHARE and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more music coming soon.


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